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Vektor – the most advanced combination of stiffness, wind efficiency, and internal damping ever brought to market.

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The Vektor features a taper design, multiple internal damping options and the best combination of stiffness, wind efficiency, and damping that has ever been brought to market.

The Ultra V3 and Matterhorn V2 variants have been a hit with top competitive athletes for years. For 2020 we wanted to combine the Matterhorn stiffness with the Ultras wind efficiency to give archers the best of both worlds while sacrificing nothing.

The Vektor front stabilizer begins at an outer diameter of 0.625” and sleekly transitions down to a 0.5” outer diameter. This allows for more stiffness at the base of the stabilizer where it experiences the most stress, and creates greater wind efficiency at the tip where the stabilizer experiences the highest amount of buffeting and torque from the wind. The Vektor side rods are the same carbon layup as the long rod but feature a 0.5625” to 0.5” taper.

Vektor Standard Features:

-Adaptive Weight System – allows for either 1/4-20 or 5/16-24 thread sizes by swapping out the adapter screw.
-VIBRO-CORE Internal Damping – remove unwanted vibration from your shot.
-Spine – ~90
-Diameter – Long Rod 0.625″ to 0.5″ Taper Side Rod – 0.5625” to 0.5” taper.
-5/16-24 threads on both proximal and distal endcap.
-Aluminum proximal and distal endcaps.
-Flat slots in proximal and distal endcaps for stabilizer tightening with a wide range of common tools.
–Made in the USA | designed and hand-built by the owners

Optional Features:

-Steve Wijler Edition Tungsten Damping Powder – adds 3 oz of tungsten powder to the distal end of the stabilizer to add internal weight and significant vibration reduction (VIBRO-CORE internal damping is still included).

As with all our products, the Vektor works perfectly with both compound and recurve. The recommended weight ranges for the front stabilizer are 1-6 oz for crisp feel, 6-25 oz for ideal feel, 25+ for softer feel. This recommended weight range does not account for dampers or decouplers – mass weight that the stabilizer can handle increases when using dampers between weights or between the stabilizer and the weights. Side rods can handle roughly double the mass weight for similar reactions.

Additional information

Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 33 × 1 × 1 in

12", 13.5", 15", 27", 30", 33"

Internal Damping Options

Standard Vibrocore Internal Damping, Steve Wijler Edition Tungsten Powder Damping plus Vibrocore

8 reviews for Vektor

  1. Maikel Korthout (verified owner)

    They are really stable to shoot with and react really great and the shape makes them great for shooting outside in the wind

  2. James Cornford (verified owner)

    With out doubt the best rods on the market , quality products and finish , performance is second to none a total must have for any serious shooter ! Want to be the best use the best , RamRods!!!!!

  3. Brandon Xuereb (verified owner)

    I’ve used them for a few months now and I find they hold great in the wind, along with a solid, crisp reaction on the shot. As someone who likes little to no vibration after the shot, these rods dampen the shot quickly and effectively! In my opinion, the Vektors shoot best with moderate to heavy weight (at least 6oz out front),otherwise they may feel a little too stiff, depending on preference. All in all, these rods are extremely well built and can take whatever you throw at them!

  4. Tony Leger (verified owner)

    The Vektor (with Steve Wijler Edition Tungsten Damping Powder) is by far my second favorite stabilizer in my collection and my go to front bar for my compound setup (PSE Supra Focus XL). Aesthetics are in the eye of the beholder, but I dare anyone find anything wrong with the look of the Vektor. People don’t buy for looks, they buy for performance and the Vekto indeed does perform. Due to the internal tungsten weight that I opted for, I’ve been able to decrease my overall stabilizer weight by a few ounces overall and still maintain the same stability and feel. Vibration is nearly non-existent in my setup. Truth be told, even without weight, there’s little to no vibration for me and it performs admirably. The addition of weight only settles things down faster. The only negative is a nit picky one in that I like a 34 front stabilizer and the Vektor has a max length of 33″. To overcome this inch, I’ve added a simple 1″ eye bolt and all is good.

  5. Peter Boukouvalas (verified owner)

    A great performing stabalizer that looks good aswell. Holds well in the wind, perfect for compund. However, anyone looking to shoot these for recurve should look at using these only if you’re gonna run a heavy set up, cause they’re super stiff. I found around 15oz on a 30″ rod did the trick.

  6. Masaya Atsuta (verified owner)

    This stabilizer is best I have ever shot. This product tells me exactly the direction of bow jumping right after I fire an arrow.

  7. Marios Englezos (verified owner)

    When I ordered a 30-inch Vector stabilizer and the K2 12-inch, I was hopeful that they would be good, as I did not get a chance to try them or hold them prior to my purchase but my research gave me the confidence to order them. I was not disappointed! When they arrived, I was pleasantly surprised at how stiff they were, perfect for the weight I run on my compound. My first shoot was smooth no vibration at all to my hand. These rods taper to a half inch front and are great in the wind; I got the Steve Wijler Edition with the Tungsten Damping Powder and the added 3oz of weight in the tip of the rod which helps, as you do not need as much visible weight at the end of your rod. One more thing is they actually look good too.

  8. Jordi.Ricart (verified owner)

    I couldn’t ask for a better set of rods. They are amazingly stiff while still being so thin it cuts through the wind like nothing. With eight ounces up front on a 33” the wind is no longer a factor.

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