Ultra V3

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The ultimate performance for outdoor competition regardless of the conditions.

Lengths are measured from endcap to endcap and do not include the length of weights or dampers.

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Ultra V3

The Ultra line of stabilizers V1-V3 have been our best selling product for several years in a row for a good reason. They provide the incredible feel and outdoor wind performance that elite archers demand. For 2020 we have pushed the limits of the Ultra to new heights. They feature a slimmer endcap, futuristic graphics, a 0.5000″ Diameter, a 15% stiffer 137 spine, VIBRO-CORE internal damping, and our adaptive weight system. We aren’t just the original half inch carbon stabilizer…we are the worlds best half inch carbon stabilizer.

For many professional archers shooting either recurve or compound the Ultra V3 is the stabilizer of choice.

Standard Features:

-Adaptive Weight System – allows for either 1/4-20 or 5/16-24 thread sizes by swapping out the included inserts or adapter screw.
-VIBRO-CORE Internal Damping – remove unwanted vibration from your shot.
-Spine – 137
-Diameter – 0.5000″
-5/16-24 threads on both proximal and distal endcap.
-Aluminum proximal and distal endcaps.
-Flat slots in proximal and distal endcaps for stabilizer tightening with a wide range of common tools.
-Made in the USA | designed and hand-built by the owners

Ultra V3 Optional Features:

-Steve Wijler Edition Tungsten Damping Powder – adds 3 oz of tungsten powder to the distal end of the stabilizer to add internal weight and significant vibration reduction (Vibrocore internal damping is still included).

As with all our products the Ultra V3, works perfectly with both compound and recurve. The recommended weight ranges for the front stabilizer are 1-3 oz for crisp feel, 3-14 oz for ideal feel, 14+ oz for softer feel. This recommended weight range does not account for dampers or decouplers – mass weight that the stabilizer can handle increases when using dampers between weights or between the stabilizer and the weights. Side rods can handle roughly double the mass weight for similar reactions.

Additional information

Weight 11.1 oz
Dimensions 35 × 1 × 1 in

12", 13.5", 15", 27", 30", 33"

Internal Damping Options

Standard Vibrocore Internal Damping, Steve Wijler Edition Tungsten Powder Damping plus Vibrocore

18 reviews for Ultra V3

  1. Antoine Rambliere (verified owner)

    This stabilizer is just amazing ! The vibration from my shot are removed !

  2. Skyler Rosenberg (verified owner)

    Best I’ve shot by far. Great in the wind, handles 10 oz of weight very well. The tungsten powder in the Steve Wijler Edition stabilizer I got takes all the nervous vibration out of my float which makes my bow aim noticeably quicker.

  3. Karsten Sprenger (verified owner)

    I’m using this awesome rods since April now. They just do their job perfect. No need of any dampers with 14 oz on the long rod and 12 on the sides. The bow is very quiet and rocksolid while aiming. No matter if I’m using my Hoyt Formula X, my MK MKX 10 or the old Samick Progress II of my dad. The ultras are just awesome.

  4. Daniel Kwasniewski (verified owner)

    Fantastic Stabilizers, which I have been shooting for the past month. I bought the version with the Steve Wiljer Internal Damping and shockingly you do not need an extra damper on the end of the rods. They feel absolutely rock solid and perform extremely well. Would absolutely recommend for recurve and compound shooters alike!

  5. David.Macher

    It’s just the best stabilizer when you are looking for a small diameter, wind efficent and smooth feeling stabilizer system. And also the virbo core are just amazing!

  6. Aaron Bainton (verified owner)

    Definitely the best rods I have owned, my usage is for compound, though would be just a good for a recurve shooters. Will definitely hand weight, as I’ve got 18oz on the long rod and 20oz on my side rod. The reaction on them is just phenomenal, they soak up all the vibration, as well as being ULTRA thin, they just hendel well in the wind.
    It’s definitely worth the consideration of adding the Steve Wijler upgrade, the added dampening it give and if you’re a heavy weight stacker, just allows to you shrink the stack slightly.

    Well worth the purchase!

  7. Leonidas Leonida (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the Ultra V3 for some weeks now and I’m more than happy to say that I felt the difference from the very first shots! The ultra-thin diameter along with the Internal Damping makes this stabilizer the perfect match for every weather condition, once I put them on my bow, the wind was not anymore something I had to really pay attention to. But what I really really like about the Ultras is that they don’t need much weight in the end in comparison with the most stabilizers in the market in order to achieve the best performance of your bow and as a result of a much much tighter group, and that’s one of the reasons I chose them. I would say this stabilizer is well worth the investment!

  8. Kaj Sjöberg (verified owner)

    I’ve been shooting with the V3 since February and I am very pleased with it. It’s very still when I’m aiming and very “dead” in the release. I highly recommend this rod to everyone. I play recurve 😁

  9. Karni singh Chauhan (verified owner)

    I have been using the ultra v3 Steve wijler tungsten damping edition from the last week & I want to share my first shoot feeling with u all, when I came at a anchor position & what I noticed that is my aiming was soo much accurate & without any vibration really wow it’s amazing & also after executing a shot the bow is very quite & stable . In previous stablizer I was shooting 9oz in front & 5oz each short bars , ultra v3 damping edition is little heavier due to tungsten edition so i removed 2oz from the front & 1oz each from the short bars & after all the felling was to good after shooting a ramrods . 😊😊🏹🤟

  10. Youssof Tolba (verified owner)

    I have shoot the ultra V3s for around 7 months now and I really really like how thin they are. I am also a fan of the internal dampening and built in weights.

  11. Peter Boukouvalas (verified owner)

    I’ve shot these for the last month and they are tops. 30″ rod, standard vibracore, with 10oz feels great, no extra vibration and holds really well in the wind. 100% would recommend for any recurve shooter.

  12. Katherine Watson (verified owner)

    Sleek and responsive stabilisers 🙂 I don’t use any dampeners on mine (recurve with a long rod and side rods with standard internal damping) and it’s super comfortable to shoot. They are nice and skinny which is great for shooting in the wind. Also, there is a secret code printed on them which looks very cool. Looks good, shoots good, is good!

  13. Gabi Sasai (verified owner)

    I have used several different stabilizer systems. From non hi-mod, hi-mod different brand, the original Ultras and now the current model Ultra v3’s. I chose the RamRod Ultra stabilizers because it came in ultra thin diameter and hi-mod carbon. Because I’m smaller I cannot have the benefit of a lot of weight on the end of my stabs to help hold my bow in the wind. The ultra slim diameter RamRods Ultra v3’s gives me the advantage of low wind drag, along with a very stiff stabilizer – which I prefer the feeling. Compared to the other hi-mod stabilizers I’ve shot the Ultra v3’s have noticeably more dampening and as a bonus it’s much thinner diameter than the other brands. Overall the v3’s work well for me and the team at RamRods are committed to providing the best customer service. They worked with me and made sure I was shooting the best stabilizer setup I could have and even worked with me to accommodate my small size.

  14. Roger Hermosilla Hinojo (verified owner)

    I have been shooting with this set up since the beginning of the this year. My first practice with it, my bow got so quiet and smooth. I love the tungsten powder technology. It helps to keep a good bow mass without the need of adding a lot of extra weight.

  15. Sebastian Koller (verified owner)

    I’m shooting these my setup with the Ultra V3 for about 10 months now and im simply impressed. My bow is extremly steady in windy conditions thanks to the small diameter of these rods. I’m looking forward to order some other stabilizer to test them out.

  16. sarah fuller (verified owner)

    Without a doubt the best stabiliser set up ive ever used. Shooting 40lb on the fingers with a 27″ draw, ive found that the 27″ stabilizer and 4″ extender works very well. Its very responsive (forward) at the point of release and steady in the wind thanks to the small diameter of the product. I can’t imagine shooting anything else now.

  17. Jose Manuel Balbuena Alarcon (verified owner)

    Tried it hours ago and can definetly assure you, these rods perform amazingly! Wind wont be a problem anymore thanks to my new set of ULTRA V3´s, so glad i could get my hands on this product, 100% reccomended as a recurve archer.

  18. Timo Helmke (verified owner)

    I’ve been shooting the Ultra V3 for some time now and they’re absolutely amazing. I’m shooting a 30″ long rod with tungsten powder dampening and 15″ side rods with standard dampening at about 44lbs draw weight on my recurve. Before I bought them I was a bit sceptical because I’ve always shot additional external dampening on my stabilizers so far. But I don’t need it anymore. Just the rods with some weights and it feels totally nice and smooth to shoot.
    Beside the nice feel I really like the sleek look, nice finish and the small diameter of the rod itself. It’s just beautiful.

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