Tungsten Damping Weight (4oz)

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Using patent pending, vibration reduction technology, this weight rapidly dissipates harmful, high-frequency vibrations encountered post-shot. Due to the high density of the tungsten powder used in this weight, we have produced a damping mechanism that doesn’t increase drag or impact holding.

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Tungsten Damping Weight (4oz)

Material: Stainless Steel and Tungsten
Coating: Black Nitride (Satin)
Thread Size: 5/16-24
Mass: 4oz

Package Includes: 1 weight, 1″ 5/16-24 screw

Additional information

Weight 4.5 oz
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 1.25 in
Thread Size

5/16×24 (large thread), 1/4×20 (small thread)

9 reviews for Tungsten Damping Weight (4oz)

  1. Aaron Bainton (verified owner)

    Simple, sleek and elegant. A perfect finish to any of the rods in the RamRods range, easy to get your weight configuration when paired with any of the other weight sizes. The added damping power of the Tungsten powder is just icing on the cake!

  2. Alejandro Martin

    Best Mix weight and damper

  3. Alejandro Martin

    It is the best mix between dampers and weight

    It is also simple and easy to install, undoubtedly one of the best inventions, forget that the damper is going to break.

  4. Feel Stinkens (verified owner)

    Eliminates a lot of vibrations and also looks awesome like always!

  5. Eric Jair Garcia Ibarra (verified owner)

    The best dampener I’ve tried. It looks good in your set up, no more bent rubber dampeners. Also I’ve found how the sound of your change, it doesn’t sound like something is lose and reduces a lot the kick after the shot.

    I rate it with 4 stars because I’ve found that after a while (2 months) a bit of the tungsten powder started to come out (doesn’t make a difference I weighted mine and it’s still 4oz) but I’d like to keep all the tungsten inside the dampener. All things said, again, best I’ve tried!

  6. Karsten Sprenger (verified owner)

    No need for rubber. Just take these ones and build a rock solid stab-setup with good damping capabilities.

  7. Marios Englezos (verified owner)

    thought i would try this powder/weight dampener and was so impressed i bought more, it is stiff enough to hold some weight on it while weighing approximately 4oz over all, great design and a matt black finish, currently using three on my bow, i would recommend for everyone!

  8. Cesar Carranza (verified owner)

    Will definitely limit vibration on the bow if there’s any. Looks amazing with the other metal weights unlike the rubber dampers.

  9. Martin Vanek (verified owner)

    No need for rubber dumpers anymore. This works perfectly for dumping the vibrations of my bow (compound). I am using 3 pieces of it – at the end of the stabilizer rod and one mounted directly on the riser. You can spot significant difference in the noise after the shot with and without those dampeners.

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