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Prototype release

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Limited Availability Prototype Release

Diameter | 0.75″ to 0.56″ taper (Main Rod), 0.63″ to 0.56″ taper (Side Rod)

Color | Black

Length Options 33″ | 30″ | 27″ | 15″ | 13.5″ | 12″

Damping Options: Standard VIBRO-CORE (full length of rod), SW Tungsten Damping (3oz Tungsten Powder in distal end of rod) with VIBRO-CORE (remainder of rod)

This Prototype Main Rod has a large 1in OD proximal cap mating surface for maximum stability and stiffness.  Ultra High Modulus carbon fiber tapers from 0.75in at the proximal end to 0.56in at the distal end.

This Stabilizer is designed for ultra-heavy stabilizer mass compound archers – we do not advise using this rod if you use less than 15oz on the front stabilizer of your bow.  The ultra-stiff base of the stabilizer ensures maximum hold from the moment you hit the wall to when the shot breaks.  The thinner tip of the rod ensures excellent control in the wind, and the entire design places ultra high modulus carbon fiber where you need it most.  Like all RamRods premium stabilizers, this bad boy also comes with some of the best internal damping in the world, either straight VIBRO-CORE or Tungsten Powder in the distal end (for maximum damping and FOC) with VIBRO-CORE in the rest of the shaft.  This is a limited Prototype design that our compound shooters have been raving about.  Pre-Orders Only starting April 2022, expected to ship June 2022.  We plan to release the full production version in October 2022 with small changes based on feedback from this prototype release.  Congrats if you’ve read this far, you might be ready to see this thing in person.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 33 × 1 × 1 in

33, 30, 27, 15, 13.5, 12

Internal Damping Options

Standard Vibrocore Internal Damping, Steve Wijler Edition Tungsten Powder Damping Plus Vibrocore

3 reviews for RamRods Prototype

  1. Toja Ellison (verified owner)

    This is the best stabilizer I have ever shot! I have been using it the whole season and it was about time to write a review. This stabilizers are amazing. Strong and stiff to hold lots and lots of weight but also amazing for shooters that are using less weight or even recurve. They are tapered which is absolutely great for the wind and also I love how it looks. You can order with or without the tungsten damping system. I personally love the tungsten damping system which adds about 3oz to the bar itself and takes away the vibrations even better. Overall I love this bar because I can aim amazingly with it, it will protect my body from injuries because of how good it takes away all the vibrations and I love how it makes my bow look. It’s an amazing bar and I recommend it to everyone! (I also managed to shoot a new 2x50m world record with it).

  2. Jozef Bosansky (verified owner)

    I was astonished with the difference between using a high tech rods and no name.
    My collaboration with Ramrods had begun then. I am very honoured that I can share my first impressions with you about short rod and long rod Proto. The long rod is 30 inches long and the short rod is 12 inches long. Both of them are filled with tungsten powder and equipped with VIBRO-CORE technology. In the back I have 13 pieces of 4 ounces solid tungsten weight. In the front I have 10 pieces.
    After a shot the bow remains very calm. All of the vibrations are absorbed by the tungsten powder insides the rods. The Proto rods ensure maximum hold from the moment you hit the wall to when shot breaks. However if someone would need to reduce the vibration even further, there is an option to add a tungsten damper.
    For the best look there is a blender weight ending which weighs 1 ounce.

  3. Nguyen.Dragon (verified owner)

    What’s really important in a stabilizer is the moment you’re holding your dot on the X-ring and let me tell you that the Prototypes hold extremely well the moment you get to full draw! There’s no vibration and these rods can handle 32oz on my front rod and 35.5oz on my side rod! I sincerely recommend these to all Compound archers if you want the best!

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