Matterhorn V2

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Matterhorn V2 – premium stiffness, damping, and performance.


Matterhorn V2

The Matterhorn V2 is an update to the stabilizer you’ve come to know and love that’s better in every way.

It features a custom designed proprietary carbon layup, a 0.6250″ diameter, a stiffer 67 spine, a slimmer endcap,  VIBRO-CORE internal damping, and our adaptive weight system. The Matterhorn is the stabilizer for choice for many professional archers shooting both recurve and compound.

It provides a balance of stiffness and wind performance through its narrow diameter that is the best on the market.

Matterhorn V2 Standard Features:

-Adaptive Weight System – allows for either 1/4-20 or 5/16-24 thread sizes by swapping out the included adapter screws.
-VIBRO-CORE Internal Damping – remove unwanted vibration from your shot.
-Spine – 67
-Diameter – 0.6250″
-Aluminum proximal and distal endcaps
-Through hole in proximal endcap for stabilizer tightening
-Made in the USA | designed and hand-built by the owners

Matterhorn V2 Optional Features:

-Steve Wijler Edition Tungsten Damping Powder – adds 3 oz of tungsten powder to the distal end of the stabilizer to add internal weight and significant vibration reduction (VIBRO-CORE internal damping is still included).

As with all our products, the Matterhorn V2 works perfectly with both compound and recurve. The recommended weight ranges for the front stabilizer are 1-8 oz for crisp feel, 8-30 oz for ideal feel, 30+ oz for softer feel. This recommended weight range does not account for dampers or decouplers – mass weight that the stabilizer can handle increases when using dampers between weights or between the stabilizer and the weights. Side rods can handle roughly double the mass weight for similar reactions.

Additional information

Weight 11.7 oz
Dimensions 35 × 1 × 1 in

12", 13.5", 15", 27", 30", 33"

Internal Damping Options

Standard Vibrocore Internal Damping, Steve Wijler Edition Tungsten Powder Damping plus Vibrocore

8 reviews for Matterhorn V2

  1. Taylor Bullard (verified owner)

    I have been shooting with the matterhorn v2 bars for a few weeks and feel that I have enough shots behind them to share my honest review. I have the 33″ front and 15″ back combo with the tungsten dampening. After the very first shot I noticed a drastic change in the sound my bow made. Shooting a 72 lb draw with a relatively light arrow caused my bow to have a pretty noticeable noise. The dampening effect these bars have on vibration and noise is like none I’ve felt before. I am also very pleased with the aesthetics of these bars. They really complement my rig. My pin seems to sit as still as ever which could be a result of switching from a 30″ front bar to a 33″. But overall I am very pleased with these bars and will recommend them to all my friends.

  2. Doug Pritchett (verified owner)

    I have been shooting Ramrod bars for the last few years. I have shot these on a recurve target bow and compound as well. I am currently shooting 32oz total on my compound with a 30″ front and 12″ backbar. I do not use a dampener of any kind with these rods. The Standard dampening does a great job of quieting the bow down and reducing the shock of the shot.
    On my recurve I used a 28″ front rod and 15″ back bars with a 3″ Ramrod extension. They gave great feedback of the shot. I feel the diameter of these work just fine for both wind resistance but still stiff enough for heavier weights to be added.
    I will continue to shoot ramrods because they continue to push the industry and I am sure there is not another company that pays more attention to the feedback from their customers.

  3. Tony Leger (verified owner)

    The Matterhorn, like all of RamRods stabilizers, is a fantastic and well performing stabilizer. A bit larger in diameter than both the Ultra and the Vektor, it still has a decently small wind profile. I used the Matterhorn exclusively on my compound prior to the Vektor being available and switched only because I wanted the maximum amount of stability and drift that I could get with my home club having a rather windy 3D course. The Matterhorn dampens well due to the dampening material causing little to no hand shock/vibration. I noticed no real reduction in overall quietness compared to other RamRods stabilizers with the standard Vibracore dampening (there’s a vast difference over ones without.) All in all, if you’re fine in the wind, the Matterhorn will get the job done. If you want a little bit better wind resistance, spend the extra few bucks and jump up to the Vektor. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

  4. David.Macher (verified owner)

    The matterhorn are the stiffest and best dampaning stabalizers i’ve ever shoot. I’ve been shooting them almost a year now on my recurve bow with a 30″ long, 13,5″ side rods and an 3″ extension and they just feel nice and crisp (shoot my personal best with them). I shoot mainly recurve but i also use these awesome stabilisers on my compound bow and they also work great when you us them with a good amount of weight (20+ oz).
    So, when you like a stiff stabilizer with a crisp feeling without a handshock, what you get with other stabalizer without the incredable virbo-core technology, the matterhorn v2 is what you need to get.

  5. Christopher Rosser (verified owner)

    If you want the best quality, and performance in a stabilizer you cannot go wrong with any of the RamRod offerings. After the very first shot I knew these were going to be the best bars I have ever used. These have been game changers for me!

  6. Nadine Eisenträger

    I used these for quiet a while when shooting my Elite Impression and was super satisfied with them. Shot them with a slight downward drop on my long rod and was really happy with how smooth my shooting was. Would definitely recommend them.

  7. Leon Hollas (verified owner)

    A fantastic stabilizer! Aims steady even in windy conditions. I have the 30″ version with tungsten powder and together with the 4 oz damping weight (18 oz in total in front) it feels great to shoot. If I could wish for something it would be that the Matterhorn is also available with a matte finish like the Vector is.

  8. Emiliano Tellez (verified owner)

    the Matterhorn is an amazing very solid stabilizer. My central is 33¨ with the tungsten damper (16 oz in total in front) . The truth is that for my taste the stabilizer is a bit heavy so the front weight is a little more blurred, not so centered on the tip of it. If you come from a doinker or a beestinger my recommendation is that you go for a vektor instead of a matterhorn but if you want a more solid shooting sensation it is your best option.

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