EDGE Adjustable VBar

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RamRods EDGE Adjustable Vbar

7075 Aluminum

Built in QDC

Ultralight design

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RamRods EDGE Adjustable Vbar

The EDGE Adjustable Vbar offers a rock solid and infinitely adjustable mounting platform for your stabilizer set up.

-Machined 7075 aluminum construction for extreme rigidity and durability

-Built in flush mounting side rod quick disconnects

-Features RamRods alignment locking system to ensure perfect straightness of down angle (this mount can be used with any stabilizers, however the alignment locking feature is only functional with the RamRods Quick Disconnect 10 degree)

-360 degree laser etched dials on all connection faces give you a clear and reliable orientation reference as well as the ability to track micro adjustments

-One of the lightest adjustable vbars on the market at only 6.45 oz (including all hardware)

-Cone lock design

-Crossbar connection face width fits 1.125″ stabilizers and accessories, and is 0.5″ thick

-Black anodize finish

Package includes: One mount, two QDC inserts.

Additional information

Weight 6.6 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 1 in

9 reviews for EDGE Adjustable VBar

  1. Nicholas D'Amour (verified owner)

    This V-Bar is the best adjustable V-Bar I have ever used. I was using a Shrewd V-Bar, but occasionally overtime it would move, and it would always be in the most in opportune times like during a competition. I adjusted mine nine months ago and still the V-Bar has yet to move, using it every single day shooting 5-600 arrows per day six days a week the V-Bar has remained in the exact same spot. Truly a job well done in designing the Edge V-Bar and with an amazing finish and very aesthetically pleasing cuts in the metal to make it exceptionally unique.

  2. Pierce McAdam (verified owner)

    This is the only vbar i’ve shot that has yet to come loose over weeks of high quantity shooting. The adjustments are shockingly smooth while staying locked in place once tightened. It looks fantastic and fits seamlessly with ramrods products. Overall a great addition to the stabilizer line.

  3. Aditya Partap Singh

    When I was first adjusting the V bar to my specifications, I thought I should measure the angles at both the short bars, as those lazer markings have been inconsistent in several other brands I have tried. Man is this V-Bar so accurate! It was exactly spot on! Have been shooting it for over a month now & it has not moved even a Millimeter!!!!!!! Rock solid construction! Can say that this V-Bar is the most beautiful & futuristic looking compared to anything out in the market. Was eagerly waiting for the perfect V-bar & RamRods Archery delivered it!

  4. Feel Stinkens (verified owner)

    The best looking v-bar there is! Locks really secure and easy to adjust. Best I have ever seen!

  5. Sebastian Koller (verified owner)

    I bought this V-Bar and I’m positively surprised. It is super strong (nothing moves ones adjusted) and looks amazing and all this considering it’s the first V-Bar from RamRods. It is compact and quick to adjust thanks to the marks on it. I would buy another one for my spare bow.

  6. jennifer schneider (verified owner)

    The edge is the first adjustable V-Bar I have used that is truly set it and forget it. Most mounds I’ve used come loose every few days, jacked up while flying to an event, or the QDC isn’t quite tight enough, causing me to tighten my rods during practice or competitions. The edge is light enough to add very little weight to my setup while being extremely sturdy.

  7. Alex Smith (verified owner)

    Excellent Vbar, easy to adjust and stays in place even when used with a lot of weight and long side rods

  8. Alberto Fernandez (verified owner)

    This is by far the best looking vBar in the market, and the good thing is that it not only looks good but it performs excellent.
    I changed from my easton adjustable vBar which at some point gets loose and needs to readjust in the middle of a series. At first I was a little bit worried because it did not have machine gears on the joins and I thought it was going to move even more but not at all. They have not moved or come loose since the day I set them up.
    QD on the are also saving me a lot of time every day and they secure my rods better than before.

  9. Sachin Gupta

    This is the Best V-bar available in the market! Aggressive looking and best locking system as compared to other v-bars. It’s Markings are also so precise and proper alignment is very easy!

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