EDGE Adjustable Offset Mount

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RamRods EDGE Adjustable Offset Mount

7075 Aluminum

Built in QDC

1″ mounting slot design

Alignment lock system


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RamRods EDGE Adjustable Offset Mount

The EDGE Adjustable Offset Mount offers a rock solid and infinitely adjustable mounting platform for your stabilizer set up.

-Machined 7075 aluminum construction for extreme rigidity and durability

-Built in flush mounting side rod quick disconnect

-Features RamRods alignment locking system to ensure perfect straightness of down angle (this mount can be used with any stabilizers, however the alignment locking feature is only functional with the RamRods Quick Disconnect 10 degree)

-1″ mounting slot provides maximum usability for different risers and other accessories

-360 degree laser etched dials on all connection faces give you a clear and reliable orientation reference as well as the ability to track micro adjustments

-Cone lock design

-Weighs only 3.85 oz (including all hardware)

-Black anodize finish

Package includes: One mount, One QDC insert, 2 locking washers (optional use for added locking force).

Additional information

Weight 4.7 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 1 in

5 reviews for EDGE Adjustable Offset Mount

  1. Nguyen.Dragon

    I was a beta tester for the Edge mount and I loved it even in the experimental stages, the adjustable was great and it doesn’t move after you lock it down, how do I know this you might ask? Well in my hotel room at vegas, my mother knocked my bow over and it fell on its side and the Edge Mount didn’t move at all from my settings.

  2. Leon Hollas (verified owner)

    Definitely the best offset mount I’ve ever had. It is very adjustable, even tiny corrections can be made easily by tightening the screw only halfway. Once adjusted and tightened nothing happens. It doesn’t get loose over time and even if the bow accidentally falls over, the rear stabilizer stays in place. Every other offset mount I’ve had to readjust after such an incident, but not this one. It also just looks cool with the edgy design and I’ve gotten lots of positive feedback from other shooters about how it looks too.

  3. Aaron Bainton (verified owner)

    Solid, edgy design that just looks sharp, the clearly marked scales on the vertical and horizontal axis make it really easy to set the bow, and put it back if you make adjustments. Once locked down it hasn’t moved, I’ve had my bow fall over and with my old offset I would have to reset it again eyeballing the position as the marks were not as defined and furtehr spaced apart. Love the intergration of the pin lock system for those that run their stabiliser set up out the front and a 10 degree QD to get a perfectly straight front rod.

  4. Martin Vanek (verified owner)

    Started to use this one as Proto test. I like the design a lot. It looks pretty cool on the bow. And technically, it is awesome. I set the angles when I was testing the stabilizer setup and leave the setting there for more than 5 months now. It doesn’t moved at all during that time. The bow was used regularly as my competition bow. Any rain or hot day it stayed where I tighten it at start. On production version you will get also laser marked vernier for the angle setting. I like that a lot.

  5. Jacob Benschjöld (verified owner)

    Does exactly what it should and looks better than any other mount.

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