Beast Stabilizer

The optimal choice for the uncompromising compound athlete.

Featuring RamRods wind taper for a more efficient geometry, VIBRO-CORE and Tungsten Damping options, and best of all unlimited weight capacity. This bar will hold any amount of weight you can.

Compound Performance Unleashed

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The Beast began with one question, how can we make a stabilizer that is stiff enough to feel great at 50oz+ while also being highly wind efficient and vibration free? After over a year of intense research, design, and testing we are excited to share the answer.

The Beast provides compound athletes with stiffness and weight capacity that will exceed the expectations of even the most demanding shooters. Yet it remains the most wind efficient product on the market at this level of stiffness. This is accomplished through the RamRods Wind Taper which provides more stiffness at the base where the stabilizer experiences the most stress, and slims down at the tip to reduce wind drag in the area of most wind torque.

In addition to best in class stiffness and wind efficiency, the Beast destroys vibration and resonance through VIBRO-CORE internal damping (standard on all models) and the option to upgrade to Tungsten damping for next level vibration reduction and improved front of center.

The prototype version of the Beast has already proven itself with world cup shooters like Jozef Bosansky (using over 50oz of weight) and Toja Ellison (World Rank #4) who love the rapid target acquisition, incredible hold, and outstanding vibration reduction.

If you’re a compound athlete ready to unleash your performance then look no further than the Beast.

Beast Standard Features:

-VIBRO-CORE Internal Damping – remove unwanted vibration from your shot.
-Spine – ~51
-Diameter – Long Rod 0.75″ to 0.56″ Taper Side Rod – 0.63” to 0.56” taper.
-5/16-24 threads on both proximal and distal endcap.
-7075 Aluminum proximal and distal endcaps.
-Flat slots and Through-Hole in proximal and distal endcaps for stabilizer tightening.
-Made in the USA | designed and hand-built by the owners
-30″ Beast with standard VIBRO-CORE weighs 6.9oz and with Tungsten Damping weighs 9.7oz

Optional Features:

-Steve Wijler Edition Tungsten Damping Powder – adds 3oz of tungsten powder to the distal end of the stabilizer to add internal weight and significant vibration reduction (VIBRO-CORE internal damping is still included).

The Beast is ideal for compound athletes using moderate to heavy mass weight. The recommended weight ranges for the front stabilizer are 15-20oz for crisp feel, 21-50oz for ideal feel, 51oz+ for softer feel. This recommended weight range does not account for dampers or decouplers – mass weight that the stabilizer can handle increases when using dampers between weights or between the stabilizer and the weights. Side rods can handle roughly double the mass weight for similar reactions.

Additional information

Weight 14.1 oz
Dimensions 36 × 1.25 × 1.25 in

10", 12", 13.5", 15", 27", 30", 33"

Internal Damping Options

Standard VIBRO-CORE Internal Damping, Steve Wijler Edition Tungsten Powder Damping Plus VIBRO-CORE


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