2023 RamRods Archery Team Application (Closed)

The 2023 application deadline has passed and applications are closed. Applications may still be submitted, however we will not review applications unless new spots open up. Please check back in October 2023 for the 2024 application. See you then!

Welcome to our 2023 RamRods Archery Team application. We appreciate your interest in representing our company and we’re looking forward to working together. Our team is our most valuable asset and we appreciate you all so much for the support over the past several years. We’ve created three different sponsorship levels to have appropriate support for athletes in different stages of their archery careers. Whether your just getting into national competitions or you’re headed to compete in the next Olympic games we want to be with you on that journey.

Below are some items we take into consideration when placing athletes into sponsorship levels. These are not strict rules but are meant to give applicants some realistic expectations when submitting their application. 

  • Top 100 world ranking.
  • Strong name recognition at the international archery level. 
  • Attending most or all World Cups, World Championships, and frequent podiums at National Level competitions.
  • Strong Social media following over 750 on IG.
  • Frequent, high quality posts on social media.
  • Competition Scores 670+ Male RC | 640+ Female RC | 700+ Male CP | 690+ Female CP.
  • Sponsorship provides free equipment and contingency payouts.
  • National Team Member.
  • Active on social media with high quality content and frequent posts.
  • World Ranked Athlete
  • Strong name recognition in the archery world.
  • Competition scores  660+ Male RC | 620+ Female RC | 690+ Male CP | 680+ Female CP.
  • Attends all national competitions with at least one podium and some international competitions.
  • Sponsorship provides some free equipment, some discounted equipment, and contingency payouts. 
  • Should attend many local and some national competitions. 
  • Long term goals of being highly competitive 
  • Positive reputation in the archery world. 
  • Ambassador of the brand at a local and national level
  • Should be active on social media with frequent, high quality posts. 
  • Sponsorship provides discounted equipment and contingency payouts. 

*Applications Closed*