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Laurence a Competitive Archer shooting RamRods

Interested in Competition Stabilizers and Archery Supplies?

RamRods is dedicated to delivering quality stabilization for your competition needs. Selecting archery equipment is a personal matter, we understand that. As competitors ourselves, we searched the market for stabilizers with specs we wanted to shoot. We couldn’t find it. After that, we created RamRods. 

RamRods stabilizers and accessories are designed by competitive archers, for archers. As a result, we continue to help innovate the world of stabilization with each of our stabilizers.

Competition Success
Stabilization for Compound and Olympic Recurve Archers

Internationally recognized by competitive target archers. Many top competitive archers prefer our stabilizers when they’re selecting their equipment. Archers chose RamRods to ensure that they make it to the podium. We offer quality stabilization for both Compound and Olympic Recurve competitors. Most importantly, our stabilizers are designed to help maximize your potential and allow you to get the most from your shooting.

Go For the Gold

Our stabilizers are available in various sizes as side bars and long rods. We designed them using top of the line Vibration Damping technology, adaptive weight systems, and for minimal drag. RamRods are designed and made in the USA by the owners. We stand by our products to help you get the gold. 

Competition Series Stabilizers

Meet The All New K2 V2 Stabilizer

K2 V2

Small Diameter Competition Stabilizer based on the popular K2 Design
$ 89
Starting at
  • 122 Spine
  • 0.5625" Diameter
  • VIBRO-CORE Internal Damping
  • Adaptive Weight System
  • Aluminum Proximal and Distal Endcaps
  • Made in the USA

The K2 V2 is a small diameter competition stabilizer that is based on the very popular K2 design. We’ve updated the graphics and endcaps, added internal damping, and optimized its stiffness and shot response based on archer feedback. Archers can expect a crisp shot reaction silenced by our VIBRO-CORE internal damping, and strong performance in all conditions thanks to its slim 0.5625″ diameter.

K2 V2 will provide outstanding performance for intermediate and professional archers at the best possible value in its class.

As with all our products, the K2 v2 stabilizer works perfectly with both compound and recurve. The recommended weight ranges for the front stabilizer are 1-3 oz for crisp feel, 4-16 oz for ideal feel, and 16+ oz for softer feel. This recommended weight range does not account for dampers or decouplers – mass weight that the stabilizer can handle increases when using dampers between weights or between the stabilizer and the weights. Side stabilizers can handle roughly double the mass weight for similar reactions.

Compare Features and Find What's Best For Your Competition Needs

Ultra V3

The Ultimate Performance Stabilizer for Outdoor Competition
$ 123 - 309 Starting at
  • 137 Spine
  • 0.5000" Diameter
  • VIBRO-CORE Internal Damping
  • Adaptive Weight System
  • Optional Feature: Steve Wijler Edition tungsten Damping Powder


Most advanced combination of stiffness, wind efficiency, and internal damping ever brought to market.
$ 141 - 332 Starting at
  • 90 Spine
  • 0.625" to 0.5000" Diameter Tapered Design
  • VIBRO-CORE Internal Damping
  • Adaptive Weight System
  • Optional Feature: Steve Wijler Edition tungsten Damping Powder

Matterhorn V2

Offering Premium Stiffness, Damping, and Optimal Performance in One Sleek Package
$ 125 - 347 Starting at
  • 67 Spine
  • 0.6250" Diameter
  • VIBRO-CORE Internal Damping
  • Adaptive Weight System
  • Optional Feature: Steve Wijler Edition tungsten Damping Powder

Steve Wijler Edition Tungsten Damping Powder

An optional feature is to add Steve Wijler Edition Tungsten Damping Powder. The Wijler Edition is available for Ultra V3, Vektor, and Matterhorn V2 stabilizers. The Steve Wijler Edition adds 3 oz of tungsten powder to the distal end of the stabilizer. Thus, adding internal weight and significant vibration reduction (VIBRO-CORE internal damping is still included).

Check Out What Archers Are Saying

We love to hear from competitive athletes about our equipment. Being athletes ourselves we know the value of having a company listen. Because of this, we utilize the feedback we’ve receive from archers who are competitive internationally to help design and develop future RamRods products. As a result. we give you the best stabilization solutions on the market.

Ultra V3 | Shooter
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Sleek and responsive stabilisers. I don’t use any dampeners on mine (recurve with a long rod and side rods with standard internal damping) and it’s super comfortable to shoot. They are nice and skinny which is great for shooting in the wind. Also, there is a secret code printed on them which looks very cool. Looks good, shoots good, is good!
Vektor | Shooter
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I’ve used them for a few months now and I find they hold great in the wind, along with a solid, crisp reaction on the shot. As someone who likes little to no vibration after the shot, these rods dampen the shot quickly and effectively! In my opinion, the Vektors shoot best with moderate to heavy weight (at least 6oz out front),otherwise they may feel a little too stiff, depending on preference. All in all, these rods are extremely well built and can take whatever you throw at them!
Ultra V3 - Steve Wijler Edition | Shooter
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best I've shot by far. Great in the wind, handles 10 oz of weight very well. The tungsten powder in the Steve Wijler Edition stabilizer I got takes out all the nervous vibration our of my float which makes my bow aim noticeably quicker.
Matterhorn V2 | Shooter
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The matterhorn are the stiffest and best dampaning stabalizers i’ve ever shoot. I’ve been shooting them almost a year now on my recurve bow with a 30″ long, 13,5″ side rods and an 3″ extension and they just feel nice and crisp (shoot my personal best with them). I shoot mainly recurve but i also use these awesome stabilizers on my compound bow and they also work great when you us them with a good amount of weight (20+ oz). So, when you like a stiff stabilizer with a crisp feeling without a handshock, what you get with other stabalizer without the incredible virbo-core technology, the matterhorn v2 is what you need to get.

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